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全台最大社群「爆料公社」APP 上線啦,我們把社群解放了,不只有勁爆的爆料內容,還貼心的加上了遊戲化的功能,每個互動都可以獲得金幣,可以送禮物給你心儀的人,也可以跑夜店。


- 小圈圈:讓一群有著相同興趣的朋友一起進入小圈圈討論聊是非,爆料公社旗下的社團,像是「爆漿公社」、「爆廢公社」、「爆系故事館」、「美妝公社」,也將陸續在小圈圈中開放囉!而當你達到一定的等級也可以自己創屬於自己的小圈圈 ~

- 金幣:你在 APP 內的每個互動都可以獲得金幣,而這些金幣可以讓你在 APP 內購買寶物、卡片甚至送禮給你心儀的對象。

- 爆料夜店:三五成群一起進夜店打屁聊天,你在現實中做的到,在爆料公社 APP 內一樣也可以,在夜店中你可以自己當 DJ 播放歌曲,邀請你的三五好友一起進來狂歡!

- 好友地圖:想要知道你附近有哪些型男美女嗎?透過好友地圖立刻顯示你身邊的爆料好友,並且直接追蹤且私訊對方!在地圖中你可以還定時開啟寶箱來獲得金幣。

The Taiwan ’s largest community ’s “Break News Commune” app is online. We have freed up the community, not only the explosive content, but also thoughtfully added the gamification function, each interaction can get gold coins, and can give gifts to The person you like can run a nightclub.


-Small circle: Let a group of friends with the same interests enter the small circle to discuss the right and wrong. Societies under the news community, such as "explosive commune", "explosive commune", "explosion story hall", "beauty Makeup Commune "will also open in small circles one after another! And when you reach a certain level, you can create your own circle.

-Gold coins: You can get gold coins for every interaction in the APP, and these gold coins can allow you to buy treasures, cards and even gifts to your favorite people in the APP.

-Breaking nightclubs: Groups of three or five go to nightclubs to chat and shit, you can do it in reality, the same can be done in the breaking news commune app, in the nightclub you can play songs as a DJ yourself, invite your three or five friends together Come in orgy!

-Buddy Maps: Want to know which men and women are near you? Immediately display the breaking friends around you through the friend map, and directly track and privately communicate with each other! In the map you can also open the treasure chest regularly to get gold coins.


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