Pic Grid for Instagram

Pic Grid for Instagram


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This is an application that can quickly create grid pictures. In this era of big data, sharing has become a part of life. People like to share all kinds of interesting things in life on their social platforms, and hope that more people can see them and share happiness together. Instagram is a big platform. If you want more people to see the posts you share on Instagram, then there should be something different! This application can quickly create the picture you want to share as a grid picture. You can share the picture directly to Instagram to attract more readers and let more people see your post.
Main features:
1. Possess a variety of grid layouts
2. Support global image cropping function
3. You can save pictures directly
4. Support some simple image blur processing
5. According to the selected number sequence, you can directly share the picture to Instagram
Disclaimer: This application is for entertainment only and will not collect any information from you.