KCSE Physics Form 1-4 Revision (Notes + Papers)

KCSE Physics Form 1-4 Revision (Notes + Papers)

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Physics for KCSE Revision
Recommended for Form 1-4 Students and Teachers.
The App has 3 Main sections:
1. The Short Notes -
All topics Form 1-4 are covered with short notes for easy Recall.
The App doesn't yet support graphical illustrations in-app. Use the Recommended Course Book for Reference

2. Topical Questions
Topic wise questions for self Evaluation

3. Papers
Model paper 1 papers (20 in total)
model paper 2 papers (20 in total)
These gives the learner room to self examine competence in the topic.

This together with all our Revision Apps are strictly modeled for Revision Purposes ONLY.
And for seekers of knowledge.
and in No wise are the apps "Predictions" for any National Exam.


New Layout,
Updated Notes with Topical Questions