Worms Zone.io V 4.1.2 MOD APK free for android

Worms Zone.io
App Name Worms Zone.io
Latest Version v4.1.2
Last Updated Nov 13, 2022
Publisher Worms Zone.io
Requirements Android 5.1
Category game-adventure
Size 131.4 MB
3.7 Rating

Introduce about Worms Zone.io

The best snake game for Android

Surely each of us still remembers the snake game on old Nokia phones. Worms Zone.io, or a few other similar games like Slither.io, Snake.io are directly inspired by that legendary game. However, there are no keyboards anymore, but instead, we now play through the touch screen of the smartphone. The gameplay of the game has also been changed to become more unique and attractive for players.

Worms Zone.io was released on April 3, 2018 by publisher Casual Azur Game. Snake game genre is no stranger to players, but with the inspiration of the classic Snake game, the game has attracted many players. Currently, despite more than 3 years, the game still holds # 34 Top action games on AppStore and has more than 100 million downloads on Google Play, an extremely impressive number.


Still keeping the gameplay of the snake game series, all you need to do is control your worm around a large area to eat foods like sandwiches, hamburgers, cheeseā€¦ Along with that, you also Need to defeat and consume other enemies in order to grow your size to become bigger and longer. To be able to defeat them, you need to skillfully move to make the head of the opponent's worm touch the body of your worm. At that time, the opponent will be turned into food and you just eat those foods.

The player can also speed up his worm by double tapping the touch screen. However, after increasing its movement speed, the worm will lose its mass. A common trick used by players to defeat an opponent is that you will curl your opponent in a circle, the loops will get smaller and smaller until the opponent gets stuck and stabbed you.

Unlock skins

The worm's color is randomly chosen when the player starts a game. You can also change your worm with many different looks. There are tons of different colors to choose from. Or if you want more complexity, you can change your eyes or mouth to give the worm an expression you like. You can also buy the strange and funny worm skins when reaching the levels required.

Choose the right strategy to grom your worm

Worms Zone.io is a game with no time limit, score and size. This will partly affect the player because playing too long will exhaust the player's energy. So, there must be a reasonable strategy in order to win. Here are 3 strategies that are commonly used by many players:

  • Builder: This is the slow tactic among the 3 tactics. Players using this strategy will focus on finding food and actively avoiding encounters with others. Although slow, this strategy will help you develop your character safely and firmly. Once you have reached the size large enough, you can completely confidently fight with weaker worms. If you are patient enough with this tactic, victory will surely be in your hands.
  • Fighter: In stark contrast to Builder, this is an aggressive and dangerous tactic. When you start the game, try to eat as many foods as possible. After that, you mainly go hunting opponents weaker than yourself to develop the size. This tactic will help you increase the size quickly but at the same time also has many potential risks. If you do not move skillfully, you will soon become prey for other players and get a sad ending.
  • Trickster: Not too slow, not too fast like the two strategies above. While playing this strategy you will not create meaningless encounters but instead, you will calmly wait for other opponents to confront each other. When the fight is over, go ahead and collect as many loots as you can and then run away. This tactic will help you develop your size slowly and safely. However, players often will not choose to use this tactic because of its boredom and the fact that it will not give you a high position on the leaderboard.